Standard II: Student Learning Programs and Services

II.A.  Evidence—Instructional Programs

3.1    Curriculum Handbook 
3.2    Link to Curricunet
3.3    Curriculum Committee Charge
3.4    Faculty Handbook, 2014 - Available to all faculty though WebAdvisor. Available from the Instruction office upon request.
3.5a    Academic Senate Minutes, Sept. 2013
3.5b   Academic Senate Minutes, Sept. 2013   
3.5c   Program Review Minutes, Sept. 2013 
3.6    Program Review Report to Academic Senate 2013/2014 
3.7   Program Efficacy Document 2014
3.8    Program Discontinuance Policy
3.9    Minutes, 4/11/12, AdHoc Program Viablity Committee
3.10a    Representative Samples, Aero Advisory Committee Minutes, 11/3/12
3.10b   Auto Collision Advisory Meeting, 3/6/14  
3.10c   Auto Tech Advisory Meeting, 6/5/14  
3.10d   Electricity Advisory Meeting, 4/3/12  
3.10e   HVAC Advisory Meeting, 1/7/13  
3.10f   Machine Trades Advisory Meeting, 12/9/09  
3.10g   Water Supply Tech Advisory Meeting, 4/11/14  
3.10h   Welding Inspection Advisory Meeting, 2/2/13  
3.10i   Transportation Advisory Meeting, 5/9/13  
3.11    2011-2012 Catalog
3.12    Assessment Schedule
3.13a    Validation Studies: Cut Score for Englisn 015, 2012-2013
3.13b    Validation Studies: Cut-Score Update for Math 952, 090, 095, 102, Sept. 2011  
3.13c   Validation Studies: Cut-Score Update for English 015, 101, Sept. 2011    
3.14   Academic Senate Resolution 10.3
3.15    Pre-Assessment Workshop Schedule
3.16   SLO Executive Summary 2012-2013
3.17    Link to Core Competencies
3.18    Core Competency Flex Day Powerpoint, 9/25/13
3.19a    Academic Senate Minutes, 11/20/13
3.19b   Core Competency Assessment Report    
3.20    Representative Samples, Program Mapping
3.21    California Teachers' Association Contract
3.22a    Faculty Chair Meeting Minutes, 1/31/14 re: Student Learning
3.22b   Accreditation & SLO Agenda, 1/23/14 re: Student Learning  
3.22c   Accreditation Committee Minutes, 11/14/13 re: Student Learning   
3.22d   Adjunct Faculty Orientation Agenda, 1/8/14 re: Student Learning     
3.22e   Academic Senate Minutes, 10/19/11 re: Student Learning   
3.23    Online Program Committee Minutes
3.24a    Distributed Education Coordinating Council Minutes, 9/19/11
3.24b   Distributed Education Coordination Council Minutes, 11/5/12  
3.24c   DECC Minutes, 2/6/12    
3.25a    Online Courses Survey, Student Satisfaction
3.25b   Online Courses Survey, Faculty Satisfaction   
3.26    SLO Three-Year Evaluation Cycle
3.27    Data Collection Sheet
3.28a    HACU/Walmart Grant
3.29a   STEM PASS GO
3.29b   STEM PASS GO Program Narrative  
3.30    Distributed Education Approval Process
3.31    Online Program Committee Minutes, March 2014
3.32a   Learning Compass Plan
3.32b   Learning Compass, One Page Summary  
3.33    Link to SLOs
3.34    Outcomes Processes 2013-2015 
3.35    Representative Feedback from Professional Development Day, 4/8/14
3.36    Representative Evidence from Program Efficacy
3.37a   English 032 Summaries, Fa 2007
3.37b   English 032 Summaries, Sp 2012
3.37c    English 032 Summaries, Fa 2007
3.37d   English 032 Summaries, Sp 2008
3.37e   English 032 Summaries, Sp 2009
3.37f   English 032 Summaries, Sp 2012
3.38   Schedule of Classes, Stater Bros.' Location
3.39   Research, Planning & Institutional Effectiveness Reports
3.40   List of Advisory Committees
3.41a   Academic Senate Minutes, 2/16/11
3.41b    Academic Senate Minutes, 5/2/11
3.41c   Academic Senate Minutes, 4/13/11
3.42    Academic Senate Resolution
3.43   2014 Curriculum Report to the Academic Senate
3.44   Transfer Model Curricula Flyer
3.45   Accreditation and Student Learning Outcomes Committee Charge
3.46    SBCCD/California Teachers' Association MOU re: SLOs
3.47   Program Mapping Template
3.48   Sample Course Outlines
3.49    SLO Archive Data Sheets 
3.50a   Academic Senate Minutes, 9/4/13 re: Learning Outcomes Approvals
3.50b   Academic Senate Minutes, 2/19/14 re: Learning Outcomes Approvals  
3.50c   College Council Minutes, 8/28/13 re: Learning Outcomes Approvals  
3.51a   Academic Senate Minutes, 4/16/14, Re: Distance Education Institution Set Standards
3.51b    Academic Senate Minutes, 5/7/14 re: Distance Education
3.52   SBVC Handbook for Online Students
3.53   New Faculty Orientation
3.54a   Great Teachers Seminar 2011
3.54b    Great Teachers Seminar 2012
3.55   Basic Skills Proposal (Library)
3.56   Valley-Bound Commitment Brochure 2013-2014
3.57a   Adjunct Orientation Agenda, 1/8/14
3.57b    Adjunct Orientation, Sp 2014
3.57c   Professional Development Survey Results  
3.58a   Student Health Workshops
3.58b   Socially Successful Flyer  
3.58c   Faculty University Combo Flyer    
3.58d   Successful You Flyer, Summer 2014    
3.59   Basic Skills Report Master 2013
3.60    Learning Communities
3.61a    Research, Planning & Institutional Effectiveness, Distance Education Statistics, Fa04-12
3.61b    Research, Planning & Institutional Effectiveness, Distance Education Statistics, Sp04-12
3.61c    Research, Planning & Institutional Effectiveness, Distance Education Statistics, Su04-12 
3.62   Research, Planning & Institutional Effectiveness Website
3.63    Educational Master Plan
3.64   English 232 Summaries (See Evidence 3.37)
3.65   SBVC Planning Process Flowchart
3.66   Needs Assessment Results, Dec. 2011
3.67a   Opening Day, Spring 2014, Powerpoints
3.67b   Opening Day, Fall 2010  
3.67c   Opening Day, Fall 2009  
3.68a   Strategic Planning and Grants Evidence
3.68b   Grants Presentation   
3.69   Research, Planning & Institutional Effectiveness Strategic Plan Focus Groups
3.70   College Council Minutes, 3/12/14
3.71   Basic Skills Proposal/Learning Compass
3.72   Modification of Major Form
3.73   College Catalog pgs, 18, 33-40 
3.74   External Exams Pass Rates Example
3.75a   Job & Theodicy in Bible Literature - Arts and Lectures, April 2013
3.75b   Faculty/Staff Reading - Arts & Lectures, Sept 28  
3.75c   Dr. Slattery to Discuss Learning As a Mythic Moment - Arts & Lectures, March 2009  
3.75d   Arts, Lecture, and Diversity Committee Webpage  
3.76   Labor Market & Curricular Alignment Presentation to BOD, 3/13/14
3.77   Online Orientation
3.78   Modification of Major Information
3.79a   College Catalog
3.79b   BP 5550
3.80    Faculty Ethics Statement
3.81a   Academic Senate Minutes 3.27/13
3.81b   Academic Senate Minutes, 4/3/13  
3.82a   Academic Dishonesty Incident Report
3.82b   Academic Senate Minutes, 4/16/14
3.83   Employee Code of Conduct
3.84   BP 4030  
3.85a   Academic Senate Minutes, Feb. 2014
3.85b   College Council Minutes, 3/12/2014
3.86    2012 Student Campus Climate Survey