Health Happenings and Notices

Flu Vaccine is provided by CDPH/ The main vaccine will be the nasal mist. There will be a few shots for students with chronic conditions.  Call our office 909 384-4495 or check for availability off campus. Flu season is October through February.

Health Affairs - Come check your physical and emotional health status. Free event.

Card readings for cues to anxiety, depression and stress. Health information is presented in a playful way. Beware the B’s blood pressure, blood sugar, belly fat, bad breath, bad back and bad feet. Find out about good sleep, real food, stress management, first aid, personal protection and more. See our Psychiatric Tech and Nursing Students in action along with campus and community groups sharing resources with you. A Blood Drive will be part of the event.

Fall Event Tuesday November 15th 2016 from 9.00am until 1:00pm

Spring Event Tuesday April 25th 2017 from 9:00am until 1:00pm

Watch for email notification of event location. Place can vary by weather. 

Campus Calls are spontaneous events during the semester when the College Nurse comes out to see you for a variety of activities regarding Campus Life and Health.

Gallup Strengths Coaching

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