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Arts, Communication, Design

Build on your creative expression and showcase your unique and innovative talents. Prepare yourself for certificates, degrees, transfer, and careers in writing, public relations, foreign affairs, translation, marketing, visual and performing arts, film and media, and architecture.

Health, Wellness, Athletics

Exercise your desire to be the best version of yourself and assist others throughout their journey in life. Prepare yourself for certificates, degrees and/or transfer in fields of study related to physical and mental health care, wellness, and maintenance.

Manufacturing, Industry, Transportation

Apply your interest and fine tune your technical skills in programs that are cutting edge as it relates to their respective areas. Prepare yourself for certificates and degrees in career fields that are growing, evolving, and are in high demand regionally and nationwide.

Public Service, Culture, Society

Examine what it is to be a “people person” and discover your passions in studying life, culture, and the systems in which we live. Prepare yourself for certificates, degrees and/or transfer in the fields of Corrections, Law Enforcement, Education, Social Services, Politics and many more.

Science, Engineering, Math

Research and solve life equations and problems, while applying knowledge, scientific methods and honing your critical thinking skills. Prepare yourself for certificates, degrees and/or transfer in the world of the science, technology, engineering, and math.

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