Standard I: Institutional Mission and Effectiveness

l.A.  Evidence—Mission

1.1    SBVC Strategic Plan (draft) 2014-2019
1.2   Outcomes Processes 2013-2015
1.3a   Academic Senate Minutes, 11/20/13
1.3b   Classified Connection Week
1.3c   Have You Registered Professional Development Day April 8, 2014
1.3d   Today Guest Presenter Dr. David Marshall
1.3e   This Afternoon Need Help Filling Out Your SLO Assessment Form
1.3f   Tomorrow May 15 Need Help Filling Out Your SLO Assessment Form
1.3g   Save The Date SBVC Fall Flex Day Sept. 25, 2013
1.4   Curriculum Handbook
1.5   2013-14 Program Efficacy Phase: Instruction
1.6 College Council Minutes, 10/9/13
1.7   Substantive Change Proposal 2012
1.8   Substantive Change Proposal 2014
1.9    Link to Mission and Values
1.10    Educational Master Plan
1.11    Facilities Master Plan
1.12    Campus Technology Strategic Plan 2013-2016
1.13   Email Announcement re: EMP Data Narrative Updates
1.14    Curriculum Committee Charge and Memberships
1.15a  Fall 2013-2014 Curriculum Report
1.15b   SBVC Transfer Model Curriculum (SB 1440) Flyer
1.16    Link to Office of Research, Planning and Institutional Effective Reports Page
1.17    Online Program Committee Website
1.18    Online Program Committee Minutes
1.19    Academic Senate Minutes, 9/18/13
1.20a    Representative Samples of Use of Mission Statement
1.20b   Flyer-7-7-14-mission-statement
1.20c   Flyer-8-2014-mission-statement
1.20d   Flyer-csu-east-bay-mission-statement
1.20e   Flyer-grand-canyon-u-mission-statement
1.20f   Flyer-su2014-calpoly-mission-statement
1.21   Program Efficacy Recommendations
1.22    SBVC Planning Model
1.23    Needs Assessment Process Fall 2013