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What is the Writing Center?

The Writing Center is a FREE composition tutoring service that hosts an experienced staff of writing tutors who are available for in person as well as online/remote tutoring to assist students across the disciplines (Check schedule for updates on availability).

The Writing Center is located in the Liberal Arts building, room 201.

Students who use the Writing Center are encouraged to be familiar with the Writing Center's policies and procedures.  The links on the left sidebar will direct you to the various functions and services of the Writing Center which include the procedures to make and cancel appointments.

Students who use the Writing Center service may be automatically enrolled in the LST-606 noncredit course.  Students will not be charged for the course, nor will it affect their GPA.  It is used to document usage of services to help with apportionment funding for tutoring/learning services.  For more information on LST-606, click here.

Writing Center tutors are available to assist you with your writing assignments for any class and with any stage of the writing process. 

  • "Would you like to talk with a tutor about ideas to put in your paper?"  We're here to collaborate with you!
  • "Would you like a tutor to give you suggestions and advice on how to make your paper stronger and more developed?"  We're here to collaborate with you!
  • "Would you like to learn more about how to use grammar appropriately to make your ideas clearer?"  We're here to support you!
  • "Would you like to practice your conversation skills or pronunciation skills in English?"  We're here to support you!
  • Make an appointment with a tutor (CLICK HERE) or use our drop-in service (CLICK HERE) to meet with a tutor today!  We're here to help you succeed!


  • If you are not feeling well or someone in your household is ill, feel free to use the Writing Center's Online Tutoring service. When making an appointment with an online tutor on our Writing Center appointment webpage, select a tutor with an -ONLINE designation. After you have made your appointment, follow the instructions on how to submit your paper to your online tutor by CLICKING HERE.
  • Masks are RECOMMENDED to be worn while in the premises of the Writing Center especially if you believe you are not feeling well.
  • Children are not permitted on the premises of the Liberal Arts building.

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