*High scholl concurrent enrollment packets are due 2 weeks prior to the start of the term/class.

High School Concurrent Infographic



1. Be at least 13 years of age

2. Completed 8th grade

3. Must have approval from Parent and High school Principal or Designee

** high school students cannot enroll in Kinesiology(PE) courses

**Successful completion of student development course selected with the guidance of an SBVC Counselor OR

**Demonstrated academic success. In order to meet this criteria students must have a total weighted high-school GPA of 2.0 or greater and have been successful in similar courses



Why Enroll?

· Take courses not offered in High School

· Take challenging advanced course

· Save on free college tuition (California resident physically attending school in California)

· Enter University with advance standing

· Experience personal growth



1. Apply to the College

2. Submit a High school concurrent application, at least 2 weeks before courses begin:
  1. Petition for Concurrent Enrollment
  2. Confidential Youth Emergency Release Form
  3. Student must submit official high school transcripts, with the two forms above. 
If submitting the packet electronically, email to: sbvcadmissions@valleycollege.edu (all documents must be included in the email)
1. Concurrent enrollment application are processed in the order received (usually within 2-5 business days). Due to volume and staffing there may be delays

2. Make sure all “approvers” (your parent, principal/designee) approve your form in a timely manner

3. Late applications do not receive priority review.

1. Complete Orientation - New students are required to complete Orientation, complete Orientation in WebAdvisor - printing out the Orientation Certificate Set your Guided Self-Placement Appointment Online.

2. Guided Self Placement - Guided Self-Placement and Questionnaire. Guided Self-Placement identifies present levels of skill in English, Math, Reading & English as a Second Language (ESL) Learners. You will not be denied admission based on results!

3. Set your Guided Self-Placement Appointment Online.

4. Education Plan - Meet with a counselor to develop your Educational Plan. A counselor is a valuable resource to help reach your goals! Schedule a same-day appointment by visiting General Counseling or call 909-384-4404 (First-come, first-served basis).

5. Enroll in Classes & Pay Enrollment fees - Confirm your Priority Registration date in your WebAdvisor account. Use Step-by-Step Instructions to add classes in WebAdvisor.

6. Pay your fees at time of registration - NO ENROLLMENTS FEES ( However, High school students responsible for other fees (health and Accident, student center, student representation fee, course materials, books, etc)