Required fees

Pay all fees online in SelfService

Enrollment Fee $46 per unit
Enrollment Fee -Non-California Resident (Non-residents must pay all fees required of residents plus non-resident tuition). Exemption if enrolled in 6 or fewer units. (Excludes International Students)

$414 per unit

Beginning 2024SM/FA


All Non-California Resident Applicants- Capital Outlay   

$46 per unit

Beginning 2024SM/FA


Campus Center Fee (Trust Fund maintained for purposes of operating the student center, all uses subject to approval by Student ASG, §EC76375) $1 per unit ($10 max annually)
Health & Accident Fee 

$24.50 ($22 for Summer)

Beginning Fall 2024 $26

Transportation Fee
GO Smart

$8.00 ($9 for 6 units or more)

Summer: $5.00

($6 for 6 units or more)

Student Representation Fee  Students advocating for students, read about Student ASG. $2.00 
Audit Fee $15 per unit


Students with a GPA of below 2.0 will lose priority Registration and BOGG Fee Waiver (Foster Youth Excluded)

Optional fees

Associated Student Body $7.50 ASB Discount Sticker $4.00 replacement
Refunds Deadline Dates


Payment is due at the time of registration

  • Payment can be made online through SelfService, or,
  • Drop the payment (check or money order) WRITE STUDENT ID NUMBER ON CHECK/MONEY ORDER in the Admissions and Records drop box located outside the Admissions and records office. (ADSS-100).
  • As the student, you are responsible for dropping classes by the stated deadlines.  If you register for a class and later change your mind, it is your responsibility to drop the class.  You may be responsible for some or all of the fees for dropped courses as per the District Refund Policy (noted below).
  • If you are a financial aid recipient, your award will not cover all of your fees.  You are responsible to submit payment for any balance due.

An outstanding balance will result in a HOLD placed on your account.


What does having an outstanding balance mean?

A hold is placed on all student accounts with past due fees.  The hold prevents you from registering for courses, ordering transcripts, enrollment verifications, receiving your certificate, and diploma.  Additionally, you may not be able to participate in additional school activities such as field trips, while your account is on a financial hold.  The Financial/Outstanding Balance Hold will be released upon receipt of full payment.

Try the Net Price Calculator for an estimate.




    • Processed automatically
    • Paid by check
    • Mailed to your address on file
    • mailed approximately 8-10 weeks after the start of the semester
    • Subject to a $10.00 processing fee
    • Refund includes $46 per unit if class is dropped after the start of the course. 

    Refunds of $15.00 or less are not processed!

    • You drop your class before the beginning of the term (Full-term class=18weeks)
    • You drop your class before the start of a class (Short-term classes = Less than 18weeks)
  • Pertains to the $46 per unit fee

    You drop your class within the first two weeks of the term (full-term classes=18weeks) 
    You drop your class within the first 10% of the class (short-term classes = Less than 18weeks)

    Students who are not eligible for a refund but who can document extenuating circumstances (accident, illness, death, etc.) may Petition for a Refund in the Admissions & Records Office (AD/SS-100) with qualifying documentation.  A seperate ASB Petition for Refund is required to ask for Associated Student Body fees paid.

    Section 58508 of Title 5 of the California Code of Regulations states that a community college district shall not refund any enrollment fee or differential enrollment fee paid by a student for program changes made after the first two weeks of instruction for a primary term-length course, or after the 10 percent point of the length of the course for a short-term course, unless the program change is a result of action by the district to cancel or reschedule a class or to drop a student pursuant to Section 58106 (g) where the student fails to meet a prerequisite.

  • 1098T Form Please seek advice from your Tax Preparer (Tax Benefits for Education).