The SBVC Outreach Team provides quality and accessible information about post-secondary educational programs and services to the community.  The team prides themselves on demystifying the community college system. We assist potential students with our “onboarding” process and believe higher education is for everyone. Let us help you on your educational journey. There is something for everyone at San Bernardino Valley College.

Please email us at outreach@valleycollege.edu if you want to know how to start at San Bernardino Valley College.

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Outreach and Recruitment Office

Liberal Arts Building, Room 130 & 132
Hours of Operation
Monday - Friday 8:00am-4:30pm

Welcome High School Students!

We are so glad you have decided to continue your education after high school!

Below are some helpful resources: 

Hello fellow educators! The SBVC Outreach team is passionate about providing information about community college and the resources that are available for your students.

If you would like us to attend your event, please send all requests to outreach@valleycollege.edu

Please indicate the date, time, and location of your request. Please send a flyer, if available.

San Bernardino Valley College is the community’s college. The Outreach Team enjoys collaborating with our community partners.

Here are some of the partners we have worked with:

  • Black Chamber of Commerce
  • Sista’s Making a Difference
  • The Garcia Center
  • San Bernardino Parks and Recreation
  • San Bernardino Fatherhood
  • Akoma Unity Center


If you would like us to attend your event or want to collaborate, connect with us at outreach@valleycollege.edu.

The Outreach Team hosts group tours for community organizations and k-12 partners.

If you are interested in scheduling a campus tour, please fill out the form below and email it to outreach@valleycollege.edu.

Note: The Outreach Team does not host tours in October or April. The Outreach Team is available to host campus tours Tuesday-Thursday from 8:30am-12:00pm.

Tour Request Form
Grab some popcorn, because you're about to tour our beautiful campus. For each of the 20+ stops, you'll have your very own virtual tour guide.

Start Your Tour!
701 South Mount Vernon Avenue
San Bernardino, CA 92410
Liberal Arts Building, Room 130 & 132

Justine Plemons, Outreach Coordinator
(909) 384-8984
Liberal Arts Building room 130

Amanda Moody, Outreach Coordinator
(909) 387-1652
Liberal Arts Building room 132





Meet The Team


A headshot of Justine Plemons

Justine Plemons, Outreach Coordinator

Justine Plemons has worked at San Bernardino Valley College since 2011. After several years with Student Life, she transitioned to the First Year Experience Department. Currently, Justine is the Outreach Coordinator at SBVC, bringing a wealth of knowledge regarding the support services and programs on campus. She received her bachelor’s degree from California State University, San Bernardino in 2011. In 2014, Justine went on to complete her graduate work at the University of Redlands. Whether you are looking to transfer or enter the workforce, Justine believes SBVC can help each student reach their goals.


A headshot of Amanda Moody

Amanda Moody, Outreach Coordinator

Amanda Moody has worked at San Bernardino Valley College since 2005. After several years working with our CTE and Criminal Justice Divisions, she transitioned to Student Services. Amanda worked in the Office of Student Life for many years supporting ASG and campus clubs. After about 5 years in student life, Amanda transitioned once again to our Student Equity division office where she supported the Equity Dean, and five departments comprising the division. During her time in student equity Amanda developed and implemented our Valley 360 resource center, which serves to meet our students’ basic needs and food insecurities. In the summer of 2022, Amanda transitioned again, and now serves as an Outreach Coordinator. Amanda brings a wealth of knowledge to San Bernardino Valley College. She received her bachelors and graduate degrees from Arizona State University. Amanda believes that all students deserve access to higher education, and she is dedicated to serving her community.


A headshot of Judith

Judith, Student Staff

Judith Barrientos is a Nursing major at San Bernardino Valley College. She started SBVC in the Fall 2022 semester after graduating from Silverado High School in Victorville. She encourages new students to make time for their academics. “Save the excuses. It is about making time and if it matters, you will find the time”. Judith serves as a tour guide for the Outreach Department. She is also bilingual!! If you see her out and about, make sure to say hello!


A headshot of Abraham

Abraham, Student Staff

Abraham Robles is a Graphic Design major at San Bernardino Valley College. He started at SBVC in the Fall 2022 semester after graduating from Colton High School. He enjoys working for the Outreach Department because of the supportive staff and fun events. Abraham encourages new students to be prepared for their classroom work. “Take good notes to review and always be curious”! Abraham serves as a tour guide for the Outreach Department. He is also bilingual. Don’t be afraid to say hi!


A headshot of Chris

Chris Mason, Professional Expert

Chris graduated SBVC in 2020 with a degree in Liberal Arts, Social & Behavioral Science. He shares some wisdom for incoming students. "My advice to new students is simple but crucial: stay focused and determined. Your time at SBVC is an opportunity to grow, learn, and discover your passion. Don't let distractions deter you from your goals. Chris’ favorite part about SBVC is the tight-knit community here on campus. The support and friendships you'll find are invaluable, making your educational journey even more rewarding.