Writing Center Policies

Writing Center Policies

You MUST have your active STUDENT I.D. CARD to log-on and receive service.  
Your I.D. CARD can be obtained at the Office of Student Life in the Campus Center building Room 128.

You may make an appointment to see a tutor using one of the designated computers in the Writing Center, or you may make an appointment by clicking on the following link:     
Please note that appointments cannot be scheduled or cancelled over the phone.

You may make one thirty-minute appointment or come as a drop-in for one session per day. 

You may receive tutoring support up to a maximum of three times per week regardless of whether the visits are for appointments or drop-ins.

Students whose tutors are not available for their appointments have priority on the drop-in list.  

You MUST be on time for your scheduled session.  If you are late, your session will be given to a student who is waiting to see a tutor.

You MUST be ready to work actively with a tutor during your tutoring session.  To make the most of your tutoring session, you are encouraged to bring the following items to work with your tutor: questions that you may have about your assignment; your assignment; books, notes or articles about your assignment; your course syllabus; as well as any drafts of your paper.

If you cannot attend a scheduled session, you MUST cancel your appointment yourself; otherwise, you will be listed as a “no show.”  

If you need to cancel an appointment, click on the following link and log-on to the webpage:

Then click the View or Cancel Appointments button to cancel your appointment. 

If you have two no shows,” you will not be allowed to schedule any more sessions for the remainder of the semester.  However, you may come to the Writing Center on a “drop-in” basis.  
If you are late to your appointment, you must notify a tutor; otherwise, you will be marked as a no-show.

Tutoring sessions are one-on-one.  Tutors may not tutor more than one student per session.  
There are NO exceptions.

Due to legal reasons, MINORS who are not students of San Bernardino Valley College are NOT permitted in the Writing Center. 

The use of CELL PHONES is NOT permitted in the Writing Center.  If you need to use your cell phone, please excuse yourself from the center and return when you are done with your conversation.  If you are caught using your cell phone in the center, you may be asked to leave for the day.