Frequently Asked Questions

What is the LST-606 course?

  • LST-606 is a noncredit course that is linked with certain designated tutoring services at San Bernardino Valley College.

Do I need to be enrolled in the LST-606 course if I use tutoring services?

  • Yes, by using certain designated tutoring services, you provide consent to be automatically enrolled in the LST-606 course.

How will enrolling in the LST-606 course benefit me?

  • Enrolling in the LST-606 course will allow you to use the tutoring services.  Research has shown that students who use tutoring services experience greater success in their college coursework.  In addition, by registering in the LST-606 course, state funding is made available to support tutoring and academic support services. 

Do I need to do anything to enroll in the LST-606 course?

  • No, you do not have to do anything extra other than to agree and use one of the designated tutoring services that are linked to the LST-606 course.

Will the LST-606 course appear on my transcript?

  • Yes, it is possible that the LST-606 course will appear on your unofficial and/or official transcripts.

Is there any cost in enrolling in the LST-606 course?

  • No, there is no extra cost to you by enrolling in the LST-606 course.

Is there any grade associated with the LST-606 course?

  • Yes, a grade of pass/no pass may be associated with being enrolled in or completing the LST-606 course. 

Will my GPA be affected by being enrolled in the LST-606 course?

  • No, your GPA will not be affected by being enrolled in the LST-606 course.