Writing Center

Writing Center

The Writing Center, located in the Liberal Arts building, room 201, helps students at all levels and from disciplines across the college campus to improve their writing.  The Writing Center has an experienced staff of writing tutors who are available for one-on-one writing conferences with students.  The center also offers online tutoring to assist students in 100 level classes and above.  In addition, the center offers a variety of workshops throughout the year that focus on various aspects of the English language, such as on grammar and components of the writing process, pronunciation, and scholarship preparation.  Appointments to meet with a tutor can be made online or in the Writing Center. For more information concerning the Writing Center, call 909-384-4464.

All who use the Writing Center are encouraged to be familiar with the Writing Center's policies and procedures. The links in the sidebar will direct you to the policies for the Writing Center, as well as the procedures to make and cancel appointments.

*Please note:  Per college policy, children are not permitted in the premises of the Liberal Arts building.


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