Read what fellow students have said about the Writing Center.

  • [My tutor] provided helpful feedback that I can use on this assignment and other future assignments going forward. I wish that I had not waited as long as I did to use the writing center's support.
  • They are really helpful and know how to answer all questions presented.
  • The tutors were very friendly and helpful.  They were very useful and helped me develop better writing skills.  I would definitely recommend peers to come to the Writing Center.
  • Tutors have helped me improve in my English class.
  • The tutor was very helpful in giving me guidance with my assignment. I feel much more confident with the quality of my essay.
  • The Writing Center is an extremely helpful place with all my writing assignments. Thanks to them, my writing has come out much better and I learn from my previous mistakes.
  • I keep having positive interactions with the tutors and I do feel they have helped through in my journey to improve in my English class.
  • I felt the tutor really helped a lot when it came to my English assignment. He explained everything really well and it made me have more of an understanding when it came to writing.
  • The Writing Center has definitely become a safe space for me that I can present my work and make it better. I'm grateful for that.