Meet Vinh Ho from Vietnam


Vinh Ho chose to attend San Bernardino Valley College (SBVC) and complete the first two years of university coursework for a bachelor's degree because of the low-cost of attending the college. By going to a college first, Vinh also had time to improve his English skills and adjust to American campus life. Vinh’s uncle, aunt and two cousins graduated from SBVC. Following their steps, Vinh started his study at SBVC in 2009.

Vinh has strong Math and Science skills. He decided to pursue a degree in Nursing. After taking some pre-Nursing courses, he found that Nursing was not his “cup of tea” (he was not interested in Nursing.)  He discussed his academic and career options with International Student Counselor and changed his major from Nursing to Mathematics, the subject of his real interest. Vinh blossomed out in the field of Mathematics, receiving excellent grades and working as a Math tutor in college's Student Success Center.  He became a "star tutor" in the Student Success Center.  He also helped local high school students to improve their Math skills.  Vinh's hard work and excellent academic performance paid off.  He received two scholarships from SBVC and graduated in May 2012 with honor. He was admitted to California State University, San Bernardino (CSUSB) after graduation and received a three-year scholarship from CSUSB. He will continue his study there for a bachelor degree in Mathematics. His career goal—becoming a Math teacher.

Vinh greatly appreciated SBVC professors and counselors who helped him to succeed. The international student counselor, Ms. Marquis, was friendly and helpful. She was always there for Vinh, discussing academic and career options with him, encouraging him to apply for scholarships, and recommending him for tutoring positions. Vinh's professors in Mathematics department nourished his love for the study of Math, made the subject of Math interesting and challenging, and guided him all the way to where he is—a successful Math student in CSUSB.

Vinh’s suggestion to other international students: “Choose the major you love. You will enjoy it more and be more successful.”

Meet Yvon from BurkinaFaso


After completing the ESL (English as a Second Language) Program at University of California in Riverside, Yvon came to San Bernardino Valley College (SBVC), taking the first two years of university coursework for transferring to a four-year university.  Yvon chose SBVC because the international student counselor there was very helpful.  She guided him through the whole application process.

Yvon had a clear academic and career goal—becoming a computer engineer. He took many courses in Mathematics at SBVC, from College Algebra all the way to Multivariable Calculus. He also completed transfer required courses in the General Education and Computer Science field. Yvon applied to California State University in Fullerton, University of California in Riverside and North Dakota State University (NDSU.) He was accepted by all three universities and received a scholarship from NDSU. Yvon decided to attend NDSU, moving from the Inland Empire in California to North Dakota in the central region of the United States.  He was excited about the opportunity of learning a new American culture.

In addition to taking transfer-required courses at SBVC, Yvon worked part time in SBVC's bookstore as a student assistant.  He learned to manage the store's inventory and the accounts receivable, and improved his spoken English skills through customer services.

Yvon loves SBVC for its small classes, dedicated professors who were always there to help, and International Student Counselor who guided him through his academic preparation for transfer to a university—decision on a major, selection of courses for transfer, and selection of a university to transfer.

Yvon's advice to other international students: “Get involved in college's student activities. You will learn a lot more about American culture and improve your communication skills.”