San Bernardino Valley College offers five types of programs:

  1. Transfer preparation: Programs which prepare students for transferring to a four-year university.  Students can complete the first two years of university coursework in San Bernardino Valley College and transfer to a university to complete the rest of the coursework for a bachelor's degree.  The college has course agreements with all of the University of California (UC) campuses and California State University (CSU) campuses, as well as many independent/private universities in Southern California.  The college courses are also transferable to many out-of-state universities.

  2. Transfer degrees--AAT or AST (Associate of Arts or Science for Transfer): Degrees designed to create a clear pathway to California State University (CSU.)  The degrees guarantee college students' admission to the CSU system with junior (third-year university student) status and give them priority consideration when they apply to their local CSU campus and to a particular program on that campus that is similar to their college major.

  3. Associate degrees--AA (Associate of Arts) or AS (Associate of Science): Community college degree programs which take two to three years to complete.

  4. Certificates:  Technical or vocational training programs which take one to two years to complete.

  5. Pre-major course work: Courses required to enter a professional degree program, such as Pre-Medicine, Pre-Law, Pre-Pharmacy, Pre-Dentistry, Pre-Physician Assistant, Pre-Physical Therapy, etc.

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