If you attended the last semester you're a continuing student;  NO additional application required.

Financial Aid awards will be disbursed through BankMobile Disbursements, a technology solution, powered by BMTX, Inc.  We offer a variety of programs that may assist students in reaching their goals.  Apply online and in advance of registration!  Not all fees are covered by the BOGG Fee Waiver.

Orientation & Guided Self-Placement

New students are required to complete Orientation & Guided Self-Placement and Questionnaire.  Guided Self-Placement identifies present levels of skill in English, Math, Reading & English as a Second Language (ESL) Learners.  You will not be denied admission based on results!

Counseling - Advisement - Planning

Meet with a counselor to develop your Educational Plan.  A counselor is a valuable resource to help reach your goals!  Schedule a same-day appointment by visiting General Counseling or call 909-384-4404 (First-come, first-served basis).

If you have completed a pre-requisite at another college a counselor can help clear you for registration.

Register & Pay Enrollment Fees

  • Confirm your Priority Registration date in your SelfService account.
  • Use Step-by-Step Instructions to add classes in SelfService.
  • Pay your fees at time of registration. Currently, No-Drop for non-payment of registration fees.
  • Your Drop/Withdraw Responsibility.  As a student, you are responsible for dropping classes by the stated deadlines. If you register for a class and later change your mind, it is your responsibility to drop the class. An outstanding balance at the end of the term will result in a hold placed on your account. The hold will prevent you from registering for courses, ordering transcripts and receiving enrollment verifications.
  • Not all registration fees are covered by the BOGG Fee Waiver (Covers $46 per unit charge). Read about Enrollment Fees that are required & how to calculate.