Assessment Center, AD/SS 101 (909) 384-4409 

San Bernardino Valley College (SBVC) uses a guided self-placement and questionnaire. The placement is primarily used to assist students in the following:

  • Know if they have met the class prerequisite requirements
  • Choose appropriate classes
  • Develop a student educational plan

How to take the online Guided Self-Placement Questionnaire

  • Complete the San Bernardino Valley College (SBVC) application at
  • Upon submission of the admission application and receipt of your SBVC student ID number complete the Student Orientation at
  • Complete the Guided Self-Placement at
    • Visit WebAdvisor
    • Log in
    • Select Current Student Menu
    • Under "Academic Planning" select "Online Placement (SBVC)"
  • After completion of the Guided Self-Placement meet with a counselor to develop your education plan
  • Go to Counseling

Can I take an ESL Assessment?

English as a Second Language (ESL):  Students who plan to take ESL courses must take the ESL assessment.

Please follow the steps below:

     Step 1: Admission to the College

               Apply to San Bernardino Valley College (SBVC) WebAdvisor

     Step 2: Financial Aid 

               Apply for FAFSA or DreamAct

     Step 3: Orientation

              Complete online Orientation at WebAdvisor (Spanish option is available- for information contact one of the counselors below)

     Step 4: Placement

Individuals wanting to take ESL courses should take the ESL placement tool offered through the Assessment Center (Administration Building, Room 101) before enrolling.  This  important placement tool takes approximately one hour to complete. After the ESL placement has been completed, the Assessment Center will provide students with their scores and the level of the ESL course in which they should enroll.

Taking an ESL placement is by appointment. Appointments may be made in person at the Assessment Center (AD-101) and via email ( or by calling.

     Step 5: Counseling

                Schedule an appointment with ESL Counselor for an education plan: ESL Counselors Maria Lopez at or Pete Gonzalez at 

     Step 6: Registraion

               Register for classes at WebAdvisor

               For help with any of these steps or if you have questions. Please contact ESL Counselors Maria Lopez at or Pete Gonzalez at

¿Quieres tomar una clase de ESL para aprender Inglés?

Estos son los pasos que deben completarse antes de poder registrarse.

  1. Aplique para admisión en línea en San Bernardino Valley College (SBVC)
  2. Aplique para ayuda financiera FAFSA o DreamAct
  3. Complete su Orientación en línea en WebAdvisor (la opción en español está disponible-para información comuníquese con uno de los consejeros indicados abajo)
  4. Haga una cita con el consejero de ESL para un plan educativo
  5. Registrarse para las clases en WebAdvisor

Para obtener ayuda con cualquiera de estos pasos o si tiene preguntas. Por favor, póngase en contacto con un consejero de ESL, Maria Lopez en o Pete Gonzalez en

How to waive the Guided Self-Placement and Questionnaire?

  • If you took an English and/or Math course at another college or university and received a grade of “C” or better for the course(s), you can request a waiver of the placement.  You need to bring a copy of your official transcript to the Counseling Center (AD/SS-103) for the process of your request.
  • Your coursework will be evaluated and your request will be processed after consulting with a counselor in the Counseling Center.

How to waive a course prerequisite?

  • If you took the prerequisite for a course at another college or university, you can ask for a waiver of the prerequisite.  Please follow the steps for the waiver of the guided self-placement and questionnaire (see the instructions above).

Frequently asked questions:

  • If I don’t do well on the guided self-placement, will I still be able to attend SBVC?
    Yes, the placement is not an admissions requirement.  It is a tool to help you and counselors to learn about your basic skills level and create an appropriate educational plan to meet your academic and/or career goals.
  • Is there a fee to take the guided self-placement?
    No fee is required.
  • How long will it take to get my results?
    You will receive your placement results at the end of the guided self-placement.
  • What if I need accommodations to complete the guided self-placement?
    If you have a learning or physical disability that requires reasonable accommodations to complete the placement, please contact the Disabled Student Programs and Services Department in AD/SS-105 or (909) 384-4443.