The Student Success Act of 2012 signed by Governor Brown requires that all students have an education plan showing a clear path towards their academic and/or career goal.  The first-term or new students must have an abbreviated plan of one to two terms which lists the courses they need to start with in the college.  Students in their second or third term should have a comprehensive plan which includes all of the courses needed for them to achieve their academic and/or career goal.

Students should schedule an appointment with a counselor to create an abbreviated or comprehensive education plan.  Once the plan has been created, it will be put online for students to view whenever they need.  The best months to create education plans with a counselor are:  February, March, April, September, October and early November.  To schedule an appointment with a counselor, please stop by the Counseling Center (AD/SS-103) or call 909-384-4404.