photo of Tanya PerdueTanya’s original goal for attending SBVC was fulfilling prerequisites to become a dental hygienist. In August 2009, she was one of 50 students accepted into the vaunted SBVC Nursing program. Tanya is eager to get her medical career started as she prepares to graduate from SBVC.

Tanya simply loves what she does. She works 12 hours a week as an Obstetrics technician at Community Hospital of San Bernardino, due to her busy schedule of class, clinicals, and large amounts of homework. She was one of 10 nursing students hired by Community Hospital.

Tanya has overcome many hardships and obstacles in her life. She grew up in foster care and became a single mother at a very young age. Perdue’s daughter, now 19, attends Victor Valley College and hopes to be accepted into the nursing program just like her mother.

"When I was 17, I did not know half of what I know now and I am very grateful for the nursing program,” said Tanya, describing her feelings regarding her accomplishments and the nursing program.

Along the way, Tanya has had the help and support of SBVC faculty and staff. The nursing program, which has been her second home, is “a place where everyone helps everyone.’’ During this time, she has created a tight-knit bond with faculty and classmates. She even refers to Priscilla Taylor, the director of the SBVC Nursing program, as her second mom.

Although her focus is completing the Nursing program, Tanya would like to come back as a teacher because of the impact that SBVC and the nursing program teachers have made on her life.