A photo of Judy RodriguezJudy Rodriguez is making San Bernardino Valley College a better place, for students and employees alike. 
Rodriguez is an administrative secretary in the Office of Administrative Services, as well as president of the Classified Senate. She understands where everyone is coming from, as she was once a student at Valley College herself. 
"I'm proud to say that I work here at SBVC, especially being an alumna," she said. "I am always encouraging my nieces and nephews to start here at Valley before going anywhere else. It's what I did and because of that, I was able to qualify for the position that I am in." 
Born and raised in San Bernardino, Rodriguez was the first in her family to earn a college degree. She still lives in town, and loves it. "This is home, and I know that big things are coming to this city again," she said. "I'm excited to be a part of it." 
Rodriguez has worked at SBVC since 2010, and is known for her institutional knowledge and great customer service skills. Last spring, her colleagues nominated her for a Spotlighting Our Success award, and she was honored with two: Administrative Services Achievement Award and Administrative Services Excellence Award. 
"In my years here at SBVC this was the first time to be nominated, which was an honor in itself, but to turn around and win both, it was great," she said. 
Rodriguez looks forward to seeing what her future at SBVC will bring, and is glad she chose to stay at her alma mater.  
"I love the community and population we serve here," she said.