SBVC student Angela Green knows a little about competition. 

Angela is the youngest of nine children and a student-athlete for SBVC’s Womens’ basketball team. 

She also has balanced the challenges of carrying 16 units and the demands of leading the Wolverines team to a conference title – the Foothill Conference title. 

As the Wolverines’ 6-foot-tall starting center and a team captain, Angela stands head and shoulders above the challenges she faced as a child. Angela’s family of nine brothers and sisters was not typical but she has their support.

Raised by her sister, Angela may be the first college graduate in her family. 

“My sisters had to work to support our family and didn’t necessarily have the chance to go to college,” Angela said. “I didn’t really have a choice because they all told me that ‘somebody has to make it’ from our family and I guess that’s going to be me.” 

The drama of living under one roof with many different personalities has drawn Angela toward theatre and the stage. 

“I love to sing and I always talked about getting involved in the theatre, but now I’m finally doing something about it,” Angela said. “I’ve enjoyed my two theatre classes, but can’t really find time to join a production while playing basketball.” 

As the starting center, Angela’s scoring average is approximately six points and six rebounds per game. Her GPA is 2.5.

After graduating, Angela would like to be a probation officer to help other children and families who faced the same challenges she overcame. 

“One of our assistant coaches always tells us that we have to ‘sacrifice to gain,’ '' Angela said. “This is a great reminder for me on the court, when in class, and in life, and it reminds me that I can’t let my teammates or my family down even when I’m tired.”