abieyuwa salami in volleyball uniformAfter starting her educational career in 2011, Abieyuwa played on the volleyball team, volunteered at Loma Linda University Hospital, and assisted with game-day operations at SBVC’s home basketball games.

“SBVC has helped me get into the school that I am going to by being able to pay for the classes that I needed in order to transfer. Financial aid has helped me so much and being in programs like EOP&S has made me able to get priority registration and get my classes on time to stay on track,” Abieyuwa said.

Abieyuwa credits SBVC English professor, Joel Lamore for helping prepare her for the next step in her educational journey.
“He understands and wants his students to exceed in life. He made a not-so-fun subject of English into a fun subject. I truly became a great writer because of him,” Abieyuwa shared.

While at SBVC, Abieyuwa also learned other study tips that will serve her well at Howard.

"Studying has been an issue for me I feel that there’s never any time for it. But I learned to prioritize and make flash cards. I would make flash cards of my biology notes and study them at work on my break,” Abieyuwa said. 

Abieyuwa’s career goal is to become a neo-natal nurse—a desire that is rooted in her love of children.

“I love babies and helping people,” Abieyuwa shared. “Nothing will make me happier than nurturing a baby back to health.”

When asked about her choice to attend Howard University—a historically black university—Abieyuwa reflected on the rich cultural background of the institution.

“I love history and learning about it. It’s such an honor that I can be a part of their legacy,” Abieyuwa shared. “Many people from back in the day went to Howard University—overcoming the slavery of our ancestors and those who have endured racism. I just see a lot of opportunity for me to thrive and learn a lot from Howard University.”

by Andrew Marshall