These programs and services assist students in:

  • Developing a course plan for the first semester
  • Evaluating coursework from other colleges/universities
  • Selecting a major of study
  • Deciding on a future career
  • Developing a two-year education plan
  • Getting back to academic success from probation/dismissal status
  • Developing an education plan for transfer to a four-year university
  • Dealing with personal issues affecting college success in a half-hour counseling session
  • Locating services and programs offered by SBVC Student Health Center or outside agencies
  • Learning about SBVC special programs
    • Veterans Services
    • Athletic Counseling
    • International Student Services
    • Honor Program
    • Learning communities for the UC PUENTE Project and TUMAINI Program
    • Other programs and services related to student success

In addition to the above programs and services, SBVC Counseling Center also offers limited online advisement for current SBVC students (Students ID# is required).

The online advisement services are for general information only. For more comprehensive counseling services, such as education plan, probation/dismissal, graduation check, please contact the Center for an on-campus appointment.