Spring 2022

Registration Schedule

Date Range
A November 1, 2021 through November 3, 2021

November 4, 2021 through November 6, 2021

C November 7, 2021 through November 9, 2021
D November 10, 2021 through November 12, 2021
E November 13, 2021 through November 15, 2021
F November 16, 2021 through November 18, 2021
Open Registration November 19, 2021 through January 17, 2022
H.S. Application Packet Deadline Dates Here!


Priority Registration 

  • Priority A: Active Military/Veterans, Foster Youth, DSP&S/EOP&S/CARE/CalWorks.
  • Priority B: Students enrolled at SBVC in Fall 2021 and who have completed 40 –99 units at SBVC, Student Athletes, Valley Bound, STAR, MCH. 
  • Priority C: Students enrolled at SBVC in Fall 2021 and who have completed 30 – 39.9 units at SBVC. 
  • Priority D: Students enrolled at SBVC in  Fall 2021 and who have completed 15 – 29.9 units at SBVC.
  • Priority E: Students enrolled at SBVC in Fall 2021 and who have completed 0 to 14.9 units at SBVC.
  • Priority F: Students who enrolled at SBVC previously but NOT in Fall 2021 who have reapplied for Spring 2022. New students for Spring 2022 who have been through orientation.

Open Registration

  1. All students in priorities A - F.
  2. Students who have been on academic or progress probation for two consecutive terms. 
  3. Students who have previously earned a Bachelor’s degree or higher. 
  4. High School students who have been approved for Concurrent Enrollment. 
  5. Students who have earned 100 or more combined degree-applicable semester units within SBCCD

Students not eligible for Priority Registration

  • Students who have completed 100 or more combined degree applicable units within the San Bernardino Community College District are not eligible for Priority Registration (Title 5; Section 58108 (I) (2).
  • The Student Success Act of 2012 requires that all students have an educational plan (See Counseling) showing a clear path leading towards their academic and/or career goal. New students who have not completed the student success process (orientation, assessment, ed plan) will not receive priority registration.  
  • You will not have access to register BEFORE your priority date. You may register on your priority date and throughout Open Registration. If you are using a Web Authorization Code you must wait until the first day of class to register online.
  • For information on last day to drop w/o a “W”, last day drop with a “W”, refer to class printout (registration statement). The refund policy is 10% of a short term class (Enrollment Fees only). In order for a student to be eligible for a refund for the incidental fees such as: Health and accident, student center, student rep, parking, etc. The student must drop prior to the first day of term.