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The Nursing Department offers an LVN/RN Bridge program whereby Licensed Vocational Nurses can become Registered Nurses via the completion of the required prerequisites and nursing coursework.

The application period for the LVN-RN Bridge is the same as the Generic ADN program. LVN-RN Bridge students will be required to apply on the same point system as the Generic ADN students.  Therefore, all prerequisites must be completed with grades posted at time of application. As well as prereqs and license, LVNs need to meet and submit the following: 

  1. Eligible bridge students must have 1 year of full-time LVN work experience
  2. Submit a detailed resume
  3. Letter Verifying employment from employer with signature (Sample)

Applications to the Bridge program will be invited to take the ATI TEAS. Accepted LVN/RN Bridge students will be given a challenge exam and may be placed in either Semester first or second dependent on their challenge exam results. Students are welcome to reapply if their application is denied and they are recommended to meet with a counselor to discuss recommendations for re-application.

Students applying on the point system for the LVN-RN Bridge program will not be competing with the Generic ADN applicants.  Instead, they will be considered for admission using a separate pool inclusive of only LVN-RN  Bridge students.

The LVN 30 Unit Option prepares students to take the NCLEX-RN examination, but does not award an Associate of Science (AS) degree. Individuals who become licensed as Registered Nurses using this option may not be eligible for licensure in states other than California. They may have difficulty applying to a college/university for an advanced degree. Applicants are admitted as space is available. Due to budget we are not accepting students for this option at this time.

Students may elect to either apply for the LVN/RN Bridge Program or the Generic ADN Program.

Note: As of Spring 2022, the nursing program is requiring all entering students to be fully vaccinated against COVID 19

A background check and health requirement verification must be completed prior to enrollment in the program. Our Nursing program may deny applicants based on convictions. California may deny a Registered Nurse license to an applicant based on a conviction or legal action substantially related to the nursing practice.