Reports to the Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees has requested that all reports presented to them at the board meetings be posted and available online. The Department of Research, Planning & Institutional Effectiveness has created this page specifically for this purpose. All presentations made by this department and presented at the board meetings will be posted on this page.

 Board Date      Presentation Title
Nov. 10, 2016   District Master Plan
Feb. 4, 2016   Accreditation Update
Dec. 3, 2015   Scorecard_SBVC_CHC
Sept. 10, 2015   Grants Presentation SBVC and CHC
Feb. 19, 2015    Student Equity Plan
Nov. 17, 2014   Student Success Scorecard
Aug. 14, 2014   SBVC Grants
Apr. 24, 2014   SBVC Draft Accreditation
Sept. 26, 2013   Student Success Scorecard