College Council Committee Members:

Gilbert Contreras, President, (Chair)

Davena Burns-Peters, Academic Senate President (Co-Chair)

Budget Committee (Co-Chair)

Mary Copeland,  Curriculum (Co-Chair)

Janice Wilkins, Curriculum (Co-Chair)

Marco Cota, Student Success and Support Programs (Chair)

Olivia Rosas, Interim VP Student Services/Enrollment Management & Student Equity (Chair)

Nelva Ruiz-Martinez, ASG President (Associated Student Government)

Ernest Guillen, CSEA President (CSEA)

John Feist, Classified Senate President (Classified Senate)

Rania Hamdy, Professional Development Coordinator (Professional Development)

Ed Gomez, CTA President (CTA)

Uvaldo Sifuentes, Director, Technology Services (Technology)

Dina Humble, VP Instruction (Instruction/Accreditation)

Celia Huston, Faculty Chair (Accreditation) 

Danielle Graham, Faculty Co Lead, (Program Review)

Joanna Oxendine, Dean Research Planning, Institutional Effectiveness with Grants Oversight 

Keith Bacon, VP, Administrative Services (Administrative Services) Interim Chair (Budget Committee) 

Co-Chair (Facilities & Safety Committee)

Updated 10-12-2023