COVID Resources

The SBVC Academic Senate is here to support you duirng this pandemic. We know you and your students are facing unprecedented classroom environments. Here are some resources from our campus and the state. 

Update: The San Bernardino Community College District announced we "will continue with online learning and remote working for the academic term that begins January 19 through May 25, 2021." 

ASCCC COVID resources

CA Community Colleges: Online Instruction and Service Resources

CA Community Colleges: Updates

DE COVID response

SBCCD Faculty Resources

SBCCD: Return to the Workplace Plan

SBVC Help Desk

Valley 360 Resource Center

Anti-Racism/No-Hate Education 

CCCCO Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Glossary of Terms


Academic Senate Meeting Norms

Consulting Collegially and the 10+1 Presentation from ASCCC

Faculty Replacement Rubric (PDF, 152Kb)

Program Discontinuance Policy (PDF, 33Kb)

Resolution Process (PDF, 217Kb)

Resolution Writing and General Advice (PDF, 74Kb)

SBVC Academic Senate Bylaws (PDF, 105Kb)

SBVC Academic Senate Constitution (PDF, 1.0Mb)

Outcomes Handbook

Institution Set-Standards

Campus Committee Structure 2020-2022

Academic Senate Best Practices for Committee Assignments

Academic Senate Committee FAQs



Academic Senate for California Community Colleges

California Community Colleges Chancellor's Office

Faculty Association of California Community Colleges

Faculty Chair Selection Process

SBCCD Board Policies & Administrative Procedures

Student Services Policies and Procedures

SBCCD Title IX Brochure

AP 3430 Prohibition of Harassment

AP 3435 Discrimination and Harassment Resolution Procedures