The Program Review Committee is responsible for examining the effectiveness of all programs and services in regards to how well they meet departmental, divisional and institutional goals.   Each department is asked to critically evaluate all aspects of their program(s) based on available data, the college strategic plan and external factors.

Support for Writing Efficacy Reports

Other Resources

CTE Labor Market Information (LMI): CTE programs must request LMI data from the Inland Empire/Desert Regional Consortium for Inland Empire and Desert Community Colleges. The request form can be accessed at this site: http://www.desertcolleges.org/lmi/index.php

SLO/SAO: Information on your program's SLOs or SAOs are found in the SLO Cloud. This is accessed through WebAdvisor.

Program EMPs: All programs are required to update their Educational Master Plan (EMP) narrative each fall, based on annual data and new or emerging goals. Please use your current EMP in writing Efficacy Reports. However, historical EMPs can be found on the College Planning Documents page maintained by the Office of Research, Planning and Institutional Effectiveness.

Research Requests: A link to the research request form can be found on the main webpage of the Office of Research, Planning and Institutional Effectiveness. Deadlines to submit requests for needs assessment or efficacy are generally noted at the time those documents are sent to programs by the committee.

Model Efficacy Forms

Samples of well-written efficacy reports are provided below:

  • Model Instructional Efficacy Report
  • Model CTE Efficacy Report (4-year review)
  • Model CTE Efficacy Report (2-year mini-review)
  • Model Student Services Report


For the results of the most current Efficacy Cycle, please refer to the annual report.

For historical information, please refer to the archive