Integrated College Planning

College planning at San Bernardino Valley College is the process of establishing clear directions that align with the college's mission, vision, and values. These plans are developed collaboratively with input from our faculty, students, classified professionals, management, and community partners. The process involves determining planning priorities, implementing action items, and tracking progress toward the completion of objectives. The process of integrating the plans includes aligning the goals and supporting action items.

Alignment of the Plans

Educational Master Plan

The Educational Master Plan is a plan of high-priority Strategic Directions and Supporting Actions created to support the four SBCCD goals:

  1. Eliminate Barriers to Student Access and Success
  2. Be a Diverse, Equitable, Inclusive, and Anti-Racist Institution
  3. Be a Leader and Partner in Addressing Regional Issues
  4. Ensure Fiscal Accountability/Sustainability

This plan serves as a blueprint for the 2023-2028 academic years and is a living document that will be actively reviewed and updated throughout its existence to accommodate the needs of the students and communities we serve.

2023-2028 SBVC Educational Master Plan

Overview of the Educational Master Plan

Student Equity Plan

The Student Equity Plan is focused on boosting achievement as measured by five specific metrics:

  1. The percentage of first-time college students who apply and successfully enroll in the same academic year.
  2. The percentage of first-time college students who complete transfer-level math and English within their first year of enrollment.
  3. The percentage of first-time college students who enrolled in the semester after their first primary term.
  4. The percentage of first-time college students who complete their academic goals within three academic years.
  5. The percentage of first-time college students who transfer to a 4-year university within 4 academic years of starting at the college.

Detailed goals and measures were created to address the disparities and disproportionate impact (DI) discovered within specific student populations across the metrics.

2022-2025 Student Equity Plan

Overview of the Student Equity Plan

Student Equity Plan Data

Guided Pathways Work Plan

The Guided Pathways Work Plan is designed to ensure meaningful communication and intentional partnerships across campus. The plan consists of ten question groups focused on two areas: the progress of the SEP (metrics 1 through 5) and the progress of integrating Guided Pathways with the Student Equity and Achievement, Associate Degree for Transfer, Zero Textbook Cost, California Adult Education Program, and the Strong Workforce Programs on campus (metrics 6 through 10). 

2022-2026 Guided Pathways Work Plan

Overview of the Guided Pathways Work Plan