The Program Review Committee Membership is established by Administrative Procedure.  Current year membership includes:

Dr. Carol Jones - Faculty Co-Chair

Joel Lamore - Faculty Co-Chair

Dr. Wallace Johnson - VPI Designee and Administrative Co-Chair 

Angela Grotke - Administrative Assistant

Committee Members

Jennifer Albizures - Student

Daniel Algattas - Social Science

Danny Babin - Applied Technology

Keynasia Buffong - Student Services

Dr. Paula Ferri-Milligan - Arts and Humanities

Dr. Todd Heibel - Science

Timothy Hosford - Library

Robert Jenkins - VPAS Designee

Edward Jones - Arts and Humanities

Judith Joshua - Arts and Humanities

Dr. Melissa King - Social Science

Gabriela Ramirez Lara - Student

Michael Mayne - Math and Business

Berchman Melancon - Applied Technology

Botra Moeung - Student Services

Dr. Sandra Moore - Social Science - PE and Human Development

Miguel Ortiz - Applied Technology

Joanna Oxendine - Grant Development & Management

Girija Raghavan - Research and Planning

Albert Ramirez - Student

Jose Recinos - Arts and Humanities

Johnny Roberts - Applied Technology

David Smith - Math and Business

Shalita Tillman - VPSS Designee

Dr. Anna Tolstova - Science

Abena Wahab - Student Services

Kay Dee Yarbrough - Instruction Office