Committee Membership: 


314. The membership Elections Committee shall include one faculty member from each area considered a division  under section 132 of these bylaws. The Chair of the Elections Committee will serve on the Academic Senate Executive Committee.

The Elections Committee determines the need for and conducts elections for faculty members to the Senate in conformity with these bylaws and the Constitution of the Academic Senate, including but not limited to, the
Academic Senate President, full time Faculty Senators, Adjunct Faculty Senators, Curriculum Chair, Honors Chair, Program Review Chair

  • Appoint full-time faculty to campus committees in fulfillment of their contractual obligations and maintain a current list of faculty committee assignments. Committee appointments shall be completed by March for appointments beginning in fall, and October for appointments beginning in spring.
  • Develop a process to appoint peer evaluators.
  • Conduct election for Outstanding Professor in accordance with the Policy and Procedure for Selecting Outstanding Professors
    (revised 2/6/19)