Committee Membership: 


317. The Committee on Equal Opportunity shall report periodically to the Academic Senate on any matters dealing with Equal Opportunity and be of significant interest to the Senate regarding Equal Opportunity.

  1. The goal of the Equal Opportunity Committee is to assure effective implementation of the San Bernardino Valley College District Equal
    Opportunity Policy, relative to the San Bernardino Valley College campus.
  2. The objectives of the Equal Opportunity Committee are to:
    1. Facilitate activities that will produce and maintain minority employee balance on the SBVC campus consistent with the ratio of their
      availability within the workforce.
    2. Maintain effective communication between the SBVC Academic Senate, the District Equal Opportunity Officer, and the District Equal
      Opportunity Advisory Committee.
  3. The Equal Opportunity Committee shall be responsible for:
    1. Collaborating with the District Equal Opportunity Officer at regular intervals for:
      1. mutual sharing of information regarding District targets and goals,
      2. development of strategies for meeting specified Equal Opportunity targets and goals, and
      3. evaluation of the effectiveness of strategies implemented in reaching the identified Equal Opportunity targets and goals.
    2. Attendance at meetings of the District Equal Opportunity Committee to provide input for planning and/or implementation of Equal
      Opportunity activities, relative to identified goals and objectives.
    3. Initiating and/or participating in efforts to resolve faculty concerns and problems relative to Equal Opportunity issues.
    4. Acting as a resource to SBVC faculty for receiving and disseminating Equal Opportunity information and materials.
    5. Maintaining current files of all policies, procedures, and guidelines regarding Equal Opportunity and grievance (student, CTA, CSEA).
    6. Monitoring implementation of District notification procedures for employment opportunities.
    7. Monitoring the structure of selection and hiring committees, to ensure appropriate minority representation.
    8. Maintaining effective communication with the Executive Vice President to assure that employment, promotions, transfers, and
      assignments, etc. are implemented in keeping with Equal Opportunity policies and procedures.
    9. Participating in human relations awareness training as provided by the District Equal Opportunity Officer. (6/01/88)