Students need to have an active application with San Bernardino Valley College, before they can apply for services through Student Accessibility Services (SAS).

New students or returning students can complete an on-line application here: ADMISSIONS.

  1. Obtain and complete theSAS Application for Accommodations and Services 
    • Applications can be requested at the SAS Office in the Administration/Student Services Building Room 105.
    • Applications can be requested by emailing
  2. Provide documentation/verification of disability
    • Documentation for a mobility, psychological, or health related disability is the diagnosis of the condition by a licensed or certified professional.
    • If you have a verified learning disability, bring a copy of your most current Individual Education Plan (IEP) and the most current Psychological-Educational report.
    • If you do not have current documentation, you can take a Disability Verification Form to be completed and signed by a licensed professional who is qualified to diagnose the disability. The form are available at the SAS office.
    • If documentation of disability is not available, you can provide your agency or physicians information and SAS will attempt to get the information for you.
  3. Submit your application and any documentation you may have to the SAS office in person, by mail or by email with scanned attached documents to
  4. Students submitting a completed application with documentation of a disability will be scheduled an intake appointment with a SAS Counselor or Learning Disabilities Specialist to complete the application process to determine services.