New Students



New to Valley and EOPS?

Are you new to Valley College and/or the EOPS Program, and need more information about either? Our EOPS outreach coordinators team is here to assist. 

¿Nueva/o a Valley o al programa de EOPS?

¿Es nueva/o a Valley College o al programa de EOPS y necesita más información sobre alguno de los dos? Nuestro equipo de coordinadores está disponible para ayudar.

Outreach Coordinators


Current EOPS/ CARE/ NextUp Students

Need to schedule a counseling appointment or have a question? Your assigned Sr. Senior Student Services Technician or SSST is available to assist you Monday through Friday, by phone or email. Please see their contact information below.

EOPS/CARE Last Name: A-L

EOPS/CARE Last Name: M-Z

NextUp Students


The EOPS/ CARE/ NextUp Team

  • Maribel Cisneros
    • EOPS/ CARE Counselor
  • Keenan Giles
    • EOPS/ CARE Counselor
  • Brittany Hind
    • EOPS/ CARE Counselor
  • Monique Hill
    • EOPS/ CARE Counselor
  • Tania Laguna
    • EOPS/ CARE Counselor
  • Evelyn Luna
    • EOPS/ CARE Counselor
  • Cynthia Bernal, MPA
    • Sr. Student Services Technician
  • Monica Perales 
    • Sr. Student Services Technician
  • Treesa Sabato
    • Sr. Senior Student Services Technician
  • Rocio Delgado
    • EOPS Outreach Coordinator
  • Alan Erving
    • EOPS Outreach Coordinator
  • Amber Martin
    • Administrative Assistant II
  • Wendy Chacon Ventura
    • EOPS/CARE Student Employee
  • Julie Ochoa
    • EOPS/CARE Student Employee
  • Joanne Hinojosa
    • Associate Dean, EOPS/CARE/NextUp

Get Started in EOPS/ CARE/ NextUp

All three programs start with EOPS. Use our online form to check your eligibility and complete the EOPS application. Once an EOPS student, our staff will help you to also apply to CARE and/or NextUp. 

Check Eligibility & Apply