For information about colleges and universities, browse the following websites.        Information about colleges and universities: profiles and accreditation status, degrees and academic programs, catalogs and course descriptions, etc.     An online transfer information system showing how course credits taken at one California public institution--a community college, CSU or UC--can be applied when transfer to another California public institution.  Information about transfer associate degrees--AAT & AST.  Students earning a transfer degree and meeting the CSU minimum eligibility requirements are guaranteed admission to a CSU, but not necessarily to a particular campus or major. Official free website for educational and career planning in California.  Explore colleges and careers, get tips on how to apply to community college, CSU's or UC's, and how to write a UC personal statement, etc.  The CSU is one of the most affordable university systems in the country. It provides high-quality, accessible, student-focused education.  Explore each campus online by clicking on the campus of your selection.     A free online resource designed to help students and their families learn about the CSU system: select a CSU campus to explore, plan how to finance higher education, and apply for admissions.    The UC is one of the finest research universities in the world.  Learn about entrance requirements, see how UC evaluates applications, and take an online tour of each UC campus. Information about independent (private) colleges and universities in California. A list of public and private institutions.  Information includes admissions, financial aid, campus size, and student life.  Search by state, location, school type, major and more.     Information about educational options for veterans or current servicemen and women who reside in California or who are stationed in California. California Colleges for International Education's site has information about study abroad, scholarships for the study abroad, etc. Detailed information about graduate schools in the U.S.