Athletics Counseling


The Counseling Center provides counseling services to student athletes.  The services include assistance in establishing your educational, personal and athletic goals.

See Andre Wooten, your athletics counselor, to discuss and take action on the following areas of your academic life:

  • SBVC requirements to complete in your sports
  • Your educational goal, major, and prospective career
  • Your educational plan
  • Student Development 103 class for Career Exploration and life Planning
  • Eligibility for and transfer rules applying to
    --NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Association)
    --NAIA (National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics)
    --COA (California Community College Athletic Association/Commission on Athletics)
  • Changes in requirements for athletes where applicable
  • Time management, study and success skills
  • Applications for transfer to other colleges or university
  • Recommendation letters for transfer to other colleges or university

Athletics counseling is available in the Counseling Center AD/SS 103.