Faculty Showcase and OER Research

The California Online Open Library for Education (COOL4ED) website maintained by the three higher education systems showcases faculty use of open textbooks. For more information click here.

Watch some of the testimonial videos below from the California Open Educational Resources Council and COOL4Ed of faculty across the three California higher education systems who are using open textbooks.

OER Pedagogy
Student Generated OER Projects and Assignments Examples

A Guide to Making Open Textbooks with Students

OER Efficacy
International Review of Research in Open and Distributed Learning (11/17)

The OA effect: How does open access affect the usage of scholarly books? (11/17)

Review of OER studies                                                                                                                       https://openedgroup.org/review

Journal of Online Learning and Teaching

The Cost and Quality of Open Textbooks: Perceptions of Community College Faculty and Students

Adopting OER: A Case Study of Cross-Institutional Collaboration and Innovation

OER Adoption Study: Using Open Educational Resources in the College Classroom

Florida Virtual Campus Survey on Textbook Affordability https://florida.theorangegrove.org/og/file/3a65c507-2510-42d7-814c-ffdefd394b6c/1/2016%20Student%20Textbook%20Survey.pdf  

Reynolds Community College Student Survey (Richmond. Virginia)


COOL4ED - Roxanne Schroeder - Biology - Humboldt State


COOL4ED - Delmar Larsen - Chemistry - University of California, Davis


COOL4ED - Dianne Bennett - Chemistry - Sacramento City College


COOL4ED - Liz Harris - Communication Studies - San Jose State University


COOL4ED - Ruth Guthrie - Computer Information Systems - Cal Poly Pomona


COOL4ED - Alice Taylor - Humanities - West Los Angeles College


COOL4ED - Vera Kennedy - Sociology - West Hills Community College