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Academic Senate of California Community Colleges (ASCCC) OER Project
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CDTC OER Textbooks Available in English and Spanish 
Child Growth & Development
Child Family & Community
Observation & Assessment
Intro to Curriculum
Teaching in a Diverse Society


Libre Texts
Early Childhood Development 

Materials can be remixed, imported into Canvas, and printed through Lulu Xpress and here is a resource from LibreText on importing and printing 

Libre Texts
Child Growth & Development - student access to textbook 

Lifespan Development
Full Text: or
Full Text: 

Educational Learning Theories

Developmental Psychology
Full Text:  

Cognitive Development in Childhood
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Music and the Child
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Full Text:

A Child Becomes a Reader
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Other OER Resources

Child Growth and Development Quizzes and Canvas Course Shell
Contact Prof. Kathy Adams

CAAEYC 2019 OER Presentation 

Early Childhood Education OER Collaboration Google Group
(view as a resource or join to collaborate)!forum/early-childhood-education-oer-collaboration 

Faculty Initiative Project 

College of the Canyons OER Page 

NOBA Social and Personality Development in Childhood

Early Learning Math and Science

K-5 Math and Technology Resources
Full Text:

The Role of Play in Children’s Health and Development
Full Text:

The Early Years: Child Well-Being and the Role of Public Policy
Full Text:

UCLA Children's Book Collection

Historical Children Literature

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SBVC OER Resources

Vision Resource Center
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California Community College OER 

Open Stax Textbooks 

Open Textbook Library 

COC’s OER Resources Page 


SUNY’s Geneseo OASIS 

Merlot II
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Canvas Commons
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Public Domain Government Websites 
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Head Start (Public Domain)  

CDC (Public Domain)

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