If you are unsure if you will be able to complete the course and want to discuss if Pass/No Pass or Excused Withdrawal is an option for you, please see a counselor to discuss the short term and long-term effects of this decision. This may affect state certification, such as in Child Development, or in receiving your Associate’s degree(s).

Excused Withdrawal

  1. What is an Excused Withdrawal (EW)?
    • The “EW” is a non-evaluative symbol distinct from a W in that an EW does not penalize a student academically. An “EW” is not counted in progress probation or dismissal calculations or towards the permitted number of withdrawals.
  2. Has the Excused Withdrawal deadline been extended?
  3. If I must withdraw from classes, can I get a refund on the fees that I paid?
    • An Excused Withdrawal “EW” may be recorded; under the new COVID-19 guidance. Students can withdraw from classes without penalties and receive a refund for spring 2020 term specifically.
      1. If a student withdraws from all courses a full refund will be allowed for fees paid
      2. If a student withdraws from one of their courses a partial refund will be allowed for that course for fees paid
      3. Students may receive a refund with 4-6 weeks, in the form of a check that will be mailed to the address on file.

    Note: This option will provide a refund to you if you are not receiving the: (CCPG, Sponsorships, or College Promise, etc).

  4. What are my Options if I withdrew from my class before EW was in place?

    • If the students withdraw occurred after the Governors stay at home mandate, they will be eligible for the “EW”. If it was before the Governor’s stay at home mandate, the student will have to go through the normal Academic Exception Process.

  5. Will the EW still count as an attempted class?
    • The “EW” does not penalize a student academically. An “EW” is not counted in progress probation or dismissal calculations or towards the permitted number of withdrawals.
  6. What if the class was approved as a 4th attempt?
    • The student will have another attempt at the course, based on the guidance received regarding the COVID-19 “EW” grading. If “EW” has been applied to the 4th attempt for spring 2020.
  7. What do I need to know if I am a veteran with GI benefits?
    • The Senate and House passed S.3503 and the bill is headed to President Trump for signature. The bill will give the VA authority to continue GI Bill payments uninterrupted in the event of national emergencies. The new law allows the VA to pay education benefits regardless of the fact if a program has moved from the classroom to online. Also, students will continue to receive the same monthly housing allowance payments until December 21, 2020, or until their school resumes normal operations. If you have questions about your specific circumstance(s), please reach out to your Veterans Resource Center: Nicholas Chavez ( VRC Clerk) –  or Jason Alvarez (Certifying Official)- To contact the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, Education Call Center at: 1-888-442-4551 between 8:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m. Eastern Time, Monday-Friday.
  8. I am concerned about my grades. What are the other options?
    • Because of the unexpected transition to online and distance learning, many students and instructors are experiencing online learning for the first time. Recognizing the challenges involved, several changes have been implemented regarding grading protocol. Among them:
      1. Retaking a Course: Students can retake a course attempted during the pandemic and colleges are being directed to disregard the previous grade when computing a GPA once the course has been retaken and completed.
      2. Pass/No Pass Grades:
        Can students request a Pass or No Pass grade change to their course(s) through the end of the semester.
        • Yes, to change their grading option to Pass/No Pass, simply submit the Pass/No Pass Request Form to an Admissions & Records staff member at You must submit from your student email address.
        • Financial Aid students will not be adversely affected by opting for Pass/No Pass grading. Note: While the Chancellor’s Office is in discussion with the CSUs and UCs, the potentially adverse transfer implications of a pass or no-pass grading option remain in effect.

        If you choose to do this option, please be aware what this means:

        • If you complete with a Pass, it will allow you to receive course credit, which will show that you have completed that course.

        • If you complete with a Pass, it will allow you to receive unit credit for the course, which means it will show on your total completed units.

        • If you complete with a No Pass, it will not show as completed units.

        • If you receive a Pass or No Pass, either grade will not be calculated in your GPA. It will neither Positively nor Negatively affect your GPA.

        • P/NP can be used to show satisfactory completion of general education, but may not satisfy your degree major requirements.

        • Letter grades “A”, “B”, and “C” mean you will receive a “P”; letter grades “D” and “F” mean you will receive a “NP”.

Possible Transfer Applicants and Beyond

  1. Are you planning to apply for transfer to Fall 2021?
    • If YES, know that the Cal States will honor the Pass/No Pass acceptances for this time frame of Spring and Summer 2020 as stated with the Fall 2020 transfer students.
  2. Are you transferring into a health profession major at the Cal State, UC, or Private Universities, i.e. Nursing, Kinesiology, etc.?
    • If YES, you must see a counselor before submitting for Pass/No Pass since this could affect your admission into the transfer program.
  3. Are you planning to transfer to a Cal State (ex. San Bernardino, Pomona, Long Beach, etc.) for Fall 2020?
    • If YES, Cal States are accepting Pass/No Pass for the Golden Four, General Education courses, and courses in your transfer major.
  4. Are you planning to transfer to a UC (ex. UCR, UCLA, Irvine, etc.) for Fall 2020?
    • If YES, please see a counselor soon since Pass/No Pass may affect your admission into the transfer major.
  5. Are you planning on getting an AA-T or AS-T and may not complete the requirements for this degree?
    • If YES, you must speak with a counselor since there are additional steps and possibilities when transferring to Cal State.


  1. Will a Pass/No Pass still give you Honors credit for the Honors program?
    • No, it will not. You still need to receive a “B” or higher. If you choose to do Pass/No Pass, you will receive course credit, but not Honors credit.

Probation or Unsatisfactory Progress

‘No pass’ grades will not be considered in probation and dismissal procedures.  Students attempting to complete a course under the current situation, rather than withdraw, will not be negatively affected should they ultimately be unable to successfully complete the course.

State Chancellor FAQ link:

Spring and Summer 2020 graduation related FAQs

  1. Is there going to be a Commencement ceremony?
  2. Are we going to extend the deadline to submitting the grad check for summer app after July 1st?
    • Currently the deadline for summer 2020 is July 1st.
  3. Do I have to reapply for graduation if I dropped my spring 2020 classes?
  4. When will I receive my diploma for spring 2020?
    • Tentatively, diplomas are expected to be ready by:
      • July 6th for spring 2020 graduates Spring 2020, July 6th
      • September 14th for Summer 2020 graduates Summer 2020, September 14th
  5. When can I pick up my diploma from Fall 2019?
    • Students can send a request to: to pick up their diplomas from fall 2019. We will make arrangements to get the diploma to the student.

IMPORTANT: If you are making changes to your education plan, we strongly recommend that you meet with a counselor to discuss your options.