Evaluation of Prior College Credits

Student must:

  • Submit Official Transcript of previous college(s) to Admissions Office.
  • Complete 12 semester unit Residence Requirement at SBVC.
  • Supply course descriptions or outline - If requested for graduation application processing (Graduate eligibility may be delayed).
  • Submit Evaluation of Prior Course Credits Earned

Evaluations may take up to 15 business days (High Peak Periods - 30 days).

The evaluation and communications regarding this request sent via student e- email account.  It is the student's responsibility to maintain this account.

Nursing and Psychiatric Student - Evaluation Policy

Other college transcripts are not accepted by the Nursing/Psych Tech Department. All official transcripts must be submitted to the Admissions & Records Office (AD/SS-100) for evaluation. 

Your Nursing/Psych Tech Program Application must contain the Evaluation of Prior College Credits Earned.  Applicants who will apply during the following date ranges may request for their evaluation during the corresponding RN Application Periods noted below.

Only SBVC RN/Psych Tech Applicants are excluded from the 12 unit Residence Requirement to evaluate other college transcripts.

Date ranges apply to RN/Psych Tech Applicants ONLY.

When to Request


When to Apply

to Program

July 1 thru August 30, 2021

September 15 thru Sept 30, 2021 (Spring 2022)
October 1 - December 15, 2020 March 15 thru March 29, 2021 (Fall 2021)


When Deadline Dates land on a weekend, Evaluation requests will be accepted through the NEXT business day.