2014 Self-Evaluation Report

The Standards

The institutional mission provides the impetus for achieving student learning and other goals that the institution endeavors to accomplish. The institution provides the means for students to learn, assesses how well learning is occurring, and strives to improve that learning through ongoing, systematic, and integrated planning (Standard I). Instructional programs, students support services, and library and learning support services facilitate the achievement of the institution's stated student learning outcomes (Standard II). Human, physical, technology, and financial resources enable these programs and services to function and improve (Standard III). Ethical and effective leadership through the organization guides the accomplishment of the mission and supports institutional effectiveness and improvement (Standard IV).

A college-wide dialogue that integrates the elements of the Standards provides the complete view of the institution that is needed to verify integrity and to promote quality and improvement.

Below are links to the self-evaluation report broken down by each standard section. Click on the links to view the sections. Please send your feedback and/or questions to the committee members working on the final draft.

Certification & College Information

Standard I:  Instititional Mission and Effectiveness

Standard I.A.  Instititional Mission
Standard I.B.  Institutional Effectiveness

Standard II: Student Learning Programs and Services

Standard II.A.  Instructional Programs
Standard II.B.  Student Support Services
Standard II.C.  Library Support Services

Standard III:  Resources

Standard III.A.  Human Resources
Standard III.B.  Physical Resources
Standard III.C.  Technology Resources
Standard III.D.  Financial Resources

Standard IV:  Leadership and Governance

Standard IV.A.  Decision-making Roles and Processes
Standard IV.B.  Board and Administrative Organization

Action Improvement Plan Summary

Follow this link to the Online Program Committee web page as it deals with the accreditation process.