Accreditation Committee

The accreditation committee meets on the 2nd and 4th Thursdays of the month, unless otherwise noted. The committee meets during the academic year in the fall and spring. The subcommittees meet outside of the accreditation committee meetings. Campus will reopen for most in-person services on August 2, 2021. The committee will continue to meet via Zoom conference link. 
The accreditation committee make-up includes managers, classified staff, faculty and students from the campus.

Accreditation Liaison Officers:

Dr. Dina Humble, Administrator, Vice President of Instruction


Dr. Joanna M. Oxendine, M.Ed., Administrator, Interim Dean, Research, Planning & Institutional Effectiveness

Self-Evaluation Faculty Chair:

Dr. Celia Huston, Professor, Library and Learning Support Services

Committee Members:*

Davena Burns-Peters,  Academic Senate President


Thomas Berry, Outcomes Faculty Lead and Assistant Professor, Communications Studies 


Alexander Cruz,  Professor, Applied Technology 


Rema Ramzi Ghazaleh, Counselor, Student Services


Patricia Holder, Faculty, Social Sciences


Caleb Losee,  Instructional Assessment Tech


Maryum Malika,  Administrative Assistant II


Jose Martinez,  Student, ASG Representative


Reginald Metu, Professor, Mathematics, Business & CIT


Amy Mills, Professor, Arts & Humanities 

  Joan Murillo,  Professor, Science
  Bethany Tasaka, Interim Dean, Mathematics, Business & CIT
  Dr. Scott Thayer, Vice President of Student Services
  Kay Dee Yarbrough, Curriculum Coordinator

*Designates current members for the 2023-2024 academic year.

Updated 10/18/23.


So what is accreditation all about? Click here for the basics!