For your convenience, the list below provides a list of committee members who are currently working in assembling the final draft. Please send your feedback and/or questions to these members by Thursday, May 14, 2014.

Certification & College Information

Demographics – Dr. James Smith

Standard I:  Institutional Mission and Effectiveness

Standard I.A.  Institutional Mission – Dr. Celia Huston, Corrina Baber, and/or Dr. Haragewen Kinde
Standard I.B.  Institutional Effectiveness – Dr. Celia Huston, Dr. Haragewen Kinde and/or Corrina Baber

Standard II: Student Learning Programs and Services

Standard II.A.  Instructional Programs – Horace Alexander and/or Dr. Kay Weiss
Standard II.B.  Student Support Services – Dr. Paula Ferri-Milligan and/or Dr. Ricky Shabazz     
Standard II.C.  Library Support Services – Dr. Celia Huston and/or Dr. Ricky Shabazz

Standard III:  Resources

Standard III.A.  Human Resources – Dr. Susan Bangasser
Standard III.B.  Physical Resources – Scott Stark
Standard III.C.  Technology Resources – Rick Hrdlicka
Standard III.D.  Financial Resources – Scott Stark

Standard IV:  Leadership and Governance

Standard IV.A.  Decision-Making Roles and Processes – Algie Au
Standard IV.B.  Board and Administrative Organization – Algie Au