Valley Now! Enrollment Process

We’re so excited that you are interested in the Valley Now! enrollment process. Please follow the steps below to start the enrollment process.

Note: Valley Now! does not provide, distribute, or purchase course materials, including textbooks. Please contact your school to see if materials are available to you at no cost and how to obtain those materials.

* The Valley Now! program currently only includes selected courses in partnership with participating schools and districts. Our program does not currently offer all courses seen in the Academic Catalog. Selecting non-partnership courses may result in fees being charged to your student account.


  • Create an account.

    • Please click here to watch a video to assist you. A CCCID will be provided after creating an account. Your CCCID is not your SBVC student ID#.


    Apply to SBVC.

    • Sign into the OpenCCC account you created and click on "Start a New Application" for the term you wish to take classes. Next, you will automatically be sent a confirmation email confirming your application. Your 8-digit confirmation # is not your SBVC student ID#. Please save your confirmation number. You will be asked for it in the next step.
    • You will receive a second email within the next business day welcoming you to SBVC. This second email will also contain your 7-digit SBVC student ID#, which will be used for the rest of your SBVC academic journey.
  • Fill out the Valley Now! Concurrent Enrollment Packet Questionnaire for the semester you would like to take classes.

    • Currently, we have forms for the 2024SM and 2024FA semesters available.
    • Completing this form will establish the communication with the Valley Now! team so we can help you through the enrollment process.
    • Check your email! You should receive the Valley Now! Concurrent Enrollment forms within 10 business days (do not include weekends, holidays, or days our office is closed) of completing the questionnaire. If you do not receive your forms within 3 business days, please contact the Valley Now! team ASAP.



    • If you decide to change the courses on your concurrent enrollment forms, you will need to do so using the form for 2024SM and 2024FA semester. After completing that form, new documents should be emailed within 3 business days.



    • Sign and upload ALL of the Concurrent Enrollment Packet forms that were emailed to you. Failure to sign and upload all documents may result in delays in the enrollment process.
    • After students have submitted all signed forms, and we've checked them, we'll send them to site contacts to obtain principal signatures and attach transcripts.
      • STUDENTS: Your forms should be submitted to the student drop here.
      • HIGH SCHOOL/ADULT SCHOOL PARTNERS: The fully signed forms and current transcripts will then be uploaded using the site contact packet drop here.


    • The last day Valley Now! will accept 2024SM paperwork will be on 05/03/24. ​
    • The last day Valley Now! will accept 2024FA paperwork will be on 07/19/24.
  • To browse available classes, please click here. Note that you may only enroll in the classes you petitioned for. 

    Register for classes on SelfService.

    • For more information on how to register, please watch these videos.
    • Open registration begins 04/26/24 for concurrent enrollment students. It is highly encouraged to register as soon as possible. 
      • For Summer 2024, our deadline for registration is 5/22/24.
      • For Fall 2024, our deadline for registration is 8/7/24.


    Meet with a Counselor

    • Schedule a meeting with a counselor - All Valley Now! students are recommended to schedule an appointment with one of our counselors. Students will be emailed instructions for how to schedule this appointment.
    • Attend a Valley Now! Welcome Meeting. We will email more information about upcoming Welcome Meetings to students who have successfully registered for classes.
    • Submit a mid-semester progress report. You'll need to meet with your Valley Now! Counselor during the semester, so please make sure to reach out to them for an appointment. Your Valley Now! Counselors are: 
      Romana Villanueva ( and Amairany Rivera (


Additional Resources

Please use the following How-To Videos for assistance.