Eligibility for Honors

Any student desiring the challenge and benefits of the Honors

Program is welcome to join. To succeed in the program, students should

have a genuine intellectual curiosity and a strong sense of personal

responsibility and diligence in completing all academic work. In addition,

the Program particularly encourages students to join if they meet the

following standards:

  1. Minimum high school GPA of 3.50
  2. Minimum GPA of 3.30 in at least 12 units of transfer-level college coursework

But, don't hesitate to call Professor Carol Damgen if you don't meet these above stated qualifications, we may still be able to get you in!


Join Honors

Students may apply to the Honors Program at any time during the school year. To complete the fifteen units of Honors coursework necessary to graduate with Honors, students should apply to the program while completing the SBVC admissions application or before the completion of their second semester as an SBVC student.

To Join the Program:

Step 1

Complete the Honors application.

Step 2

Go to the SBVC website/ Cranium and make an appointment with the Honors counselor, Andrea Rodriguez.

Step 3

Register for Honors classes and plan to attend the Honors Program events. Honors students will be notified of the event dates through email by the Honors Chair, Carol Damgen.