Though the Honors Program encourages all students wishing to take one of these courses to enroll in the Program, a student need not be in the Program to enroll in an Honors course.

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These courses have been IGETC-approved and are transferable to accredited 4-year colleges. These courses count toward completion of the SBVC Honors Program, and selected courses count for pre-major credit.


Honors Contract

The Honors contract allows students to meet their unit requirement towards Honors graduation and transfer programs in courses that do not offer Honors sections. The Honors contract enriches a regular, non-Honors course by establishing a clear distinction in rigor, depth, intensity, or interdisciplinary character, through innovative teaching and learning modalities. As a general guideline, students may anticipate an investment of one-quarter to one-third more effort in earning Honors credit which is noted on the Official Transcript.

To submit an Honors contract, students must be a member of the Honors Program and in good standing.

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