The courses offered in the Biology Department are designed to meet the demands of allied health majors, science majors, and non-science majors.

For non-majors, the department’s goal is to educate students so they can make informed choices about key socio-biological issues while having the options to take courses with or without a laboratory.

For majors and allied health, the courses provide a strong background in the biological sciences for students transferring to four-year institutions who are interested in careers such as teaching, research, environmental science, or allied health. 

Students planning to transfer to a four-year institution in Biology or a related field should consult a counselor at the earliest.

Science Courses for Biology Majors

Students may be eligible to enroll in introductory courses depending on their results of the SBVC assessment process. Contact a Counselor to plan your transfer to a University and to discuss graduation requirements towards an AS-T or AS Biology degree. Counselors experienced with STEM fields are available in the Physical Sciences (PS) Building. Consult the Science Division or visit the Biology Department website for more information.

CHEM 101Introductory Chemistry4-5
or CHEM 105 Introduction to General, Organic and Biochemistry
CHEM 150General Chemistry I5
CHEM 151General Chemistry II5
Note: CHEM 150 must be taken concurrently or previously before entering into BIOL 205.
BIOL 205Cell and Molecular Biology4
BIOL 206Organismal Biology4
BIOL 207Evolutionary Ecology4
Note: BIOL 206 and BIOL 207 may be taken out of sequence as long as BIOL 205 was taken with a passing grade. BIOL 207 is only offered in the Spring semester.
PHYSIC 151General Physics for the Life Sciences I4
PHYSIC 152General Physics for the Life Sciences II4
Note: PHYSIC 202 and PHYSIC 203 may be taken in lieu of PHYSIC 151 and PHYSIC 152. Consult a counselor to identify transfer programs requiring the 200 series.

To waive CHEM 101, students must:

  • Complete credit-by-examination form along with other College policies and conditions provided by the Admissions and Records Office (AD/SS 100) and the Science Division (PS 148).
  • Complete and pass a Chemistry examination.

Consult a STEM Counselor for additional information:

Degrees & Certificates

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