The Mathematics Department offers coursework in all levels of mathematics from arithmetic through differential equations and linear algebra. Students seeking improvement in their basic mathematical skills and those desiring development of advanced mathematical methods can all find meaningful activities in the mathematics program. While there are job opportunities in pure mathematics, there are even more in education, business, engineering, and other technical fields that rely on mathematics. Students planning to transfer to a four-year institution and major in mathematics or a related field should consult with a counselor regarding the transfer process and lower division requirements.

Sequence of Mathematics Courses at SBVC

Students pursuing an AS-T in Mathematics or a STEM major are recommended to follow the STEM track sequence. Non-STEM majors should take a course in the non-STEM track, if required. Please contact a counselor to see what course is appropriate for your educational goals. Eligibility to enroll in a mathematics course is subject to the SBVC Self-Guided Placement. Please contact a counselor for details. 

STEM Track
MATH 102College Algebra 14
MATH 103Plane Trigonometry 14
MATH 151Precalculus4
MATH 250Single Variable Calculus I4
MATH 251Single Variable Calculus II4
MATH 252Multivariable Calculus5
MATH 265Linear Algebra4
MATH 266Ordinary Differential Equations4
Note: MATH 102 and MATH 103 can be taken simultaneously.
Non-STEM Track
MATH 108Introduction to Probability and Statistics 24
MATH 115Ideas of Mathematics 23
MATH 141Business Calculus 1, 24
MATH 102College Algebra 1, 24
MATH 103Plane Trigonometry 1, 24

Be advised, this course assumes a student has completed Intermediate Algebra or Algebra 2, or an equivalent such as Math III. 


Please contact a counselor to see if this course is appropriate to your educational goals. 

Remedial Courses
MATH 601Independent Lab for Fundamental Mathematical Skills0
MATH 942Arithmetic3
MATH 952Prealgebra4
MATH 962Arithmetic and Prealgebra5
MATH 090Elementary Algebra4
MATH 095Intermediate Algebra4
MATH 096Elementary and Intermediate Algebra5
Support Courses
MATH 602Support for College Algebra0
MATH 608Support for Introductory Statistics0
Note: MATH 602 and MATH 608 are taken simultaneously with MATH 102 and MATH 108; respectively.


This lab is located in PS - 131 and is for students enrolled in MATH 601, Independent Lab for Fundamental Mathematical Skills. Students interested in enrolling in this course must consult with a STEM counselor:

The benefits from the ALEKS lab include:

  • Support for non-tradition/traditional students
  • Acknowledge the level of strength and weakness in mathematics
  • One-on-one tutoring in Mathematics

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