Because reading and writing are a key part of any Anthropology or Global Studies course at SBVC, the Anthropology Dept. recommends that students bring college-ready reading and writing English-language skills to their Anthropology and Global Studies classes. This means that students should have successfully completed READ 015, be eligible to enroll in READ 100, or have experience reading informational and theoretical documents on a regular basis.

Students who do not meet the above recommendation can still enroll and succeed in Anthropology and Global Studies courses, but they may require additional assistance with reading and writing from professors, tutors, and/or the SBVC Writing Center (in LA 201).

If you are worried about how your English-language reading and writing skills will affect your success in an Anthropology or Global Studies class, you may want to discuss your concerns with a SBVC Counselor or contact the Faculty Chair, Dr. Melissa King, at