Frequently Asked Questions

  • When can I start the program?
    Entry into the program is each Fall (August) and Spring (January) semesters. Complete all four prerequisites and then complete an application. There is a waiting list that is about one semester. Apply as soon as you have completed the prerequisites within the application period. Include proof of high school graduation or GED and necessary transcripts. The program is one year in length.
  • Where are the classes and clinical experiences held?
    The lecture portion of classes is held on the San Bernardino Valley College Campus. The clinical experiences are at off-campus sites in Cathedral City, Rialto, Colton, and in San Bernardino.
  • Will I need transportation?
    Students are responsible to arrange for transportation to the campus and to off-campus clinical sites in Pomona, Cathedral City, and San Bernardino.
  • What days and hours will I be in class?
    • In the Fall & Spring semesters, the lectures are held on Mondays & Tuesdays, 7 am - 12:30 pm, adjusted for holidays. The clinical is on Wednesdays, Thursdays, & Fridays, 6:30 am - 2:30 pm.
    • In the 10 week Summer session, lecture is Wednesday and Thursday, 7 am - 3:30 pm. Clinical is on Monday, Tuesday & Fridays, 7 am - 3:30 pm.
    • Students are required to practice skills and participate in additional learning experiences.
    • Total hours = 31 hours per week. Not included are study time and transportation.
    • We do not have evening or weekend classes.
  • What is the cost of the program? (certificate only)
      Total cost of the program is about $3,700. Includes the BVNPT initial test & license fees.
    Upon successful completion of first semester, all students will be eligible to apply for certification as a CNA. Should you choose to test for Certified Nurse Assistant certification, fingerprinting will be required.
  • Is Financial Aid available?
    Some or most of the program costs may be covered by Financial Aid grants or loans. Students are encouraged to apply at the Financial Aid Office, AD 106, 909-384-4403, 6-8 weeks before they wish to begin taking courses at the college.
  • Criminal Convictions
    If any prospective student has any criminal record, this student should contact the Board of Vocational Nurses and Psychiatric Technicians at (916) 263-7800 prior to applying to the SBVC Psychiatric Technician Program.